BMW M4 first contender,… the Lexus RC F

So as with every generation starting from the E30 M3, BMW M representative has been the benchmark for all sport sedans / coupés. It has been always the reference, the car that makes more with less, the better drivers car, the most track worthy, and to some, including me, the best looking one.

In 2014 we will see the competition rise, particularly from the German pals and from some other brave contenders, such is the case of the Lexux RC F, official pictures have emerged today in anticipation of the official presentation at Detroit in a few days, but before you scroll down to the pictures, I must give a warning. If you were scared from a certain movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger fights some highly technologically advanced alien, then be prepared to have nightmares again.

We only know very few things about this new Lexus. It will keep the V8 engine, that 5 liter from the previos IS F, but upgraded to around 480 hp, 55 more than the M4. And that’s about it, no more performance figures have been given out yet that I know of, oh, and it may have an 8 speed auto transmission.

In my opinion, Lexus is overdoing design, they used to be appealing cars, elegant, well proportioned, I remember the LS from a few years back to be quite a solid design and a very appealing luxury car, but now it is simply overdone. We still have to wait for the actual tests to give out a precise opinion about performance, but for now, the M4 is way better looking than the RC F, that thing is ugly.

Here are the pics, courtesy of Bimmerpost.

BMW M4 BMW M4 m4-rc-f-a m4-rc-f-b m4-rc-f-c


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