The new German entry luxury sedan market Audi vs BMW vs MB

As the title states, the ever going battle of these 3 German automakers.

Now that they’ve all come out with their new “entry” level versions for a company sedan (well BMW hasn’t released yet but it will in a few months) a market is invited.

I am referring to the (in order of appearance) Mercedes Benz CLA Class, the Audi A3 Sedan and the future BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé.

It seems that there’s a tendency to fatness, I mean, not only people are getting fatter everywhere, but cars too, just look at how a BMW F30 (current 3 series) is the size of an E39 (2gen back 5 series), now the 5 is a 7 and the 7 is well,… on a whole new kind of big, and this applies to Audi and MB as well, the A4 is now an A6 and the A6 an A8, and the A8 is huge, Mercs are the same C an E, E an S and a massive S now, and all of them have now all sorts of brothers and sisters in between, so mommy and daddy decided that they needed to create a new entry level sedan to take on the place of the entry level sedan who’s grown up a bit too much.

All options are very attractive, and quite different from each other, the A3 is the most conservative of the three being the most “regular car” shaped, then the CLA is the most “radical” and the 2GC is the most balanced of the trio, design wise. To me is the same story as with the A7, 6GC and CLS.

On the outside all of them are good looking cars, but mechanically, the story is quite different in each car, Audi and MB both opt for FWD (to me Wrong Wheel Drive) and optional Quattro and 4Matic drive while BMW sticks with RWD and possibly XDrive too. All of them will have 4 cylinder turbo engines with some diesel options for some markets and all of them will have performance versions, but it is here that come some uncertainty, since MB did made a proper AMG car, it is not clear if we will see a RS3 or an M2 GC, we do know there are mid performance versions such as the S3 and the M235i GC, but if Audi and BMW don’t come up with the top of the line performance version, then MB has an advantage there.

I’ll wait to read more about the A3 Sedan and see if the 2 GC actually comes true to make a further analysis of the trio, for now, the only thing I can say is that I like them besides the fact that I don’t think they were necessary, but the older brothers got fat.

Note: There’s no confirmed information about a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé and the picture of the car is a render, the interior is from a M325i Coupé.

2014-audi-a3-sedan-revealed-photo-gallery-56993-7BMw 2GC renderMercedes-CLA-Edition-1-4

Audi-A3-Sedan_TINIMA20130328_0030_3 BMW-2-series-interior mercedes-cla-4





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