The new ‘Stang


I’ve never been a huge fan of the Mustang, I respect it as an icon and well, I think it is the best Pony Car, maybe it’s that I’m not a fan of the old American way of building cars, but apparently Ford has had some time (after 2009) building better cars, actually designing the cars in and out, working hard on mechanics and creating some competitive products. This new Mustang was designed with the BMW E9X M3 and the Porsche 997 911 in mind, which has to be a good idea, both models are going out of production but both set high standards and are benchmarks for the industry, and obviously Ford wasn’t going to be able to create a new Mustang benchmarking the BMW F8X M3/4,… it hasn’t gone into production yet and the 991 911 has just been released a few months ago.


Let’s wait for the comparisons to get a better idea as if all of that work actually is worth it but for now, all I can say is that it looks stunning! Design is beautiful, continuing with some cues found in the Fusion (aka FusionMartin), specially in the profile and the front overhang, the greenhouse sent even more backward and the distinctive 3 slat tail lights,… they got a 3 slat LED DRL design also, nice.


Interior looks like a great evolution, I still have to wait to go to a dealer, and actually feel the materials and see the assembly to judge properly but after seeing what Ford has done with less “important” cars, I’m sure this ‘Stang will have improved as well.


Mechanics are still the great the “Coyote” 5.0 V8 upgraded to about 450-500 hp, the V6 with around 300 hp and the newest piece of info is that of the EcoBoost 2.3l 4 banger with 310hp (don’t understand what the V6 is doing there anymore but anyway), the big deal will come with the Boss and the GT350 (no word on GT500) which will introduce the new “VooDoo” V8 which might get the twin turbo trick and boost to more than 500 hp, closer to 600 hp. Interesting things coming to the hp war between Pony Cars as the Camaro won’t sit there with it’s wheels crossed.



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